With the ever-growing technology and device reps, managing to secure clients can sometimes be a tall order, but there are several ways you can use to climb up the ladder.

Your dress code
medical device repPicture this, a medical device rep walking into your office with a baggy mixed coloured business suit, chances are you will not even listen to them. Why? Poor dress code. To get the attention of a potential client, it is wise to invest in proper clothing and accessories such as watches tie, shoes, and even a designer perfume. This portrays an image of pride and seriousness in whatever that you are selling.

They say money attracts money. Invest in your image and send a great message to your client.

Self-confidence is a very powerful tool
When you secure an appointment with that potential client it is essential to have or maintain unshakable confidence in yourself. Some potential clients can be intimidating with their questions. When this transpires answer every question with certainty, smile if necessary and maintain eye contact.

This will make the client trust you more and to go ahead and sign that deal if they are impressed beyond doubt.

Be a good listener as much as you want to be heard
To become an excellent medical devices rep, you must face a lot of challenges. One of these challenges is negative client feedback. Listening to the clients and trying as much as you can to improve on your weaknesses will ensure that with each feedback, you become a better device rep.

Embrace technology
In today's world, almost everyone has access to an internet-enabled mobile phone or the internet through computers. These devices can be beneficial in marketing through social networks, learning and being at par with new market trends. Technology also ensures that communication is easier and faster through the several available communication platforms such as messaging or chatting platforms.

Honesty is a simple word but a powerful one
To any potential client, honesty is paramount. Dishonesty about a product makes the client make an uninformed decision. You might seal the deal alright, but you can be sure that you will never serve that client again.

Medical devices are very sensitive devices and being dishonest can pose a great danger to the medical practitioner’s clients/patients. This can, in turn, lead to a tainted reputation and even lawsuits.

Understand the product you are selling
Great knowledge of the product you are moving is essential in securing that deal. This will equip you with all the necessary answers that your potential client might be having.

Time consciousness
Time is everything when given an appointment arrive before time, and this will provide you with a chance to relax and reflect. After securing the deal or the contract, you have to ensure the devices get to the client on time.